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  1. its not about the wait its abt the crappy way they treat their customers lack of support and shady marketing techniques
  2. then why do they say on the front sub by the 19th and get all these thats still BS since there is no way you would get early acess why even put it in there as a reason to sub thats blatent misinformation
  3. I just started playing the game 2 weeks ago. and subbed immediatley because they advertised to me to sub before oct 19th for speeder lvl 60 and early acess so nopt everyone compolaining because f2p and just subbed. I normally wont sub a game til i play a couple months see if I am going to like it and play reg. I only subbed immediatley because of their false advertising thats really great for new players to screw them over immediately
  4. cause the idiots say they dont care about us and their misleading advertisements you will get your lvl 60 on oct 27th
  5. what would be nice is if one of them got on here and explained what they were going to do for the hundreds of ppl they screwed with their misleading ad campaign
  6. no you will get it on the 27th when everyone gets the update and they can give a sigh of relief cause ppl wont be pissed at them anymore Yea right lol
  7. the worst part is they wont prob do anything abt it. corp mentality be like they will ***** for a week and when new stu7ff accesses to them they will forget abt it so lets not worry abt unhappy cust they will be happy in a week
  8. or like for us new guys read it saying Get early acess subscribe by oct 19ths get spoeeder and lvl 60 to me thats saying i get early access if i subscribe before oct 19th after being all hyped for the early acess and stuff now this huge letdown i cant even get into playing let alone renewing my sub its the reason i subbed early without trying the game first for a while Why dont you guys just suck it up and say hey we screwed the pooch so we giving everyone that was subbed by the 19th early access and solve the problem
  9. yea they7 juyst need to give all subbed the early acess and solve the problem. even for us new guys the waqy they worded it we should have gotten early acess if we were subbed before oct 19th. really nice way to introduce new folks into your fold. hire someone that speaks english next time to write out the requirements that are easy to understand and cant be mistaken
  10. not according what they saying the rules are they saying from april 10 to oct 19th subbed which isnt exactly what their site says site says if you subbed this time in apr you get this item this time here you get another and oct 19th u get bike and all get lvl 60 so they need to just admit a screw up and give all subs by oct 19th the early one and fix the lvl 60 thing
  11. thats what I thought also and have been subbed almost the same amount time as thats abt when i started playing the game
  12. im new player subbed right away and i guess i dont get early acess? I was subbed on 19th and got no speeder also cant seem to find the lvl 60 token in the cartel market what am i missing here? was the whole reason i subbed roght away was to get early access usually I wait to see if i like a game before subbing
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