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  1. Meaning =/= answer to. by definition. XD
  2. Guys, that's not the meaning of life. That's the answer to everything. Get it straight. But here's a from the meaning of life.
  3. Whoa whoa whoa. Don't feel like that. There are plenty of group minded players who aren't total dbs. I'll carry you if you lack gear. I'll instruct you if you don't know what to do. I don't flip a switch and autokick if you screw up. In fact, I've done these fps so much that I actually enjoy playing with less experienced players because it pushes me to do more and gives me more of a challenge. Is there a large percentage of players who won't do the things I mentioned? Yes. But it's not absolute. Sadly, I'm not on ToFN. I'm on ebon hawk. I wish you the best of luck, but don't think that no one wants to play with you.
  4. Some of the best people I have had the privilege to play an online game with. And *bump*
  5. is good for any toon ever ever. Followed closely by this.
  6. I used to be a daily machine on several alts. Now I'm a raiding machine across several alts. I only do dailies if I'm waiting for queue to pop and/or no one in guild is on. tl,dr: no.
  7. I got in, just keep typing in your password until it takes.
  8. FFXIV = 9/30/2010 ---> almost 6 years EQ1 = 3/16/1999 ----> almost 17 years Math is hard. I don't even know what your response had to do with mine. Later.
  9. Now now, EQ1 is a special beast in and of itself (please call me out if I guessed the wrong mmo but I was there for vanilla). The grindiest most committment based mmo of all time that put out its 22nd expac and you still have to pay to be able to access it. It flies in the face of this entire thread and the industry as a whole; the population may be small but is extremely loyal. And I agree, it was the single most immersive and unique experience I have ever had in an mmo. That being said, and despite my gripes with this game, I no longer play EQ. I have found a great community of players here and that is more than enough to keep me plugging away at this content, repeatedly.
  10. I got a 208 BoE hilt from a hm fp. So far that has been the only one (barrel or otherwise and I run a lot of hms) but they can be rare drops in hms.
  11. Thanks for the clear explanation Mr. Musco. To be honest I liked the mass grapple pull all enemies in the room thing, it made me feel like my comp was trolling me.
  12. For anyone interested in joining a tight knit group of people who take care of their own, this is the place for you. At its core this guild has what all great communities have; awesome leadership. As a guild we do everything you can do in game and there is no forced requirement to do so. So if you're just returning or maybe have shunned guild life in the past like I have, give this one a chance. I've had more fun in the past few weeks with them than I have in the past year on my own.
  13. You can in fact use them on Odessan and in star fortresses.
  14. The forums are what they are, don't judge the game by the people that post here. if you're on ebon hawk, look me up; I'll help you out without hesitation.
  15. Wait til you have rank 25, it is quite noticeable. It's possible that the scaling between 1-10 is small but I definitely see improvements.
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