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  1. Rafiknoll

    Back-fill Mania

    The thing is there is no such thing as "faction loyalty" for the grand majority of players, and there never was. There is no reason to think that the cross-faction discourages backfillers from trying to win now more than it used to be before the X-fac. The only differences are: 1. Due to more people not trying to win at all (number farmers), more objective players are quitting. 2. The system that prevented hopeless backfilling is no longer functional. The first is an unfixable player problem, resulted by the shift in the average mental age of the audience of this game. The second is a dev error. If they returned things to how they were, hopeless matches would be cancelled sooner, so there would be no more backfillers who get annoyed by entering a 600-100 game, and also queue times will decrease a little because such matches with quitters will end prematurely. It might also discourage number farmers from playing because premature ending = lower totals
  2. Rafiknoll

    Back-fill Mania

    There used to be a system that prevented backfills when a match reaches a certain progression (such as hypergate's 3rd round or ACW below 200 points). It made things so that if a losing team gets too many quitters, it will result in a premature match cancellation. For some reason this system seems to have been taken off at some point. A bad decision in my opinion, but it has nothing to do with the cross-faction. The solution for this situation is to get this system back up.
  3. I am still not sure I understand what the problem is. All one needs to do in order to look good is to absolutely ignore what gear he actually equips and use his cartel items SOLELY in the outfit designer. The only exception for that is weapons (by the way, SWTOR should really adapt what AC Odyssey did with their appearance designer which lets you outfit the look of your weapon as well as long as it is the same weapon type). So these are two completely unrelated factors: 1. For stats: Get and equip the top gear, doesn't matter if you move the mods somewhere else or not. 2. For looks: Put the gear that you wish to look like in the outfit designer.
  4. Rafiknoll

    Warzone Rally

    I don't think that is the case (just take a look at a few other big threads), more likely is that no one else knows more about this to contribute to this conversation more than Trixxie's answer. That's true in my case, at least, sorry.
  5. I am NOT getting into the main argument here, but I just wanna comment that this particular thing is, and always was, meaningless. One has to be extremely unlucky or extremely careless (trigger boost and go AFK, for example) in order to not gain a single CXP boost from a crate for the whole duration of the last CXP boost. In fact, it is more likely you will get more than 1, so a CXP boost is a self-returning investment, and there is no need to use in-game or real currency to get them. I didn't buy any since the first few when it was released, and even then it was my lack of experience that led me to do so because clearly, one would have been enough. They just keep piling up on their own now. The fact some people can choose to spend money to get them rather than get them for free is a trap at best, not a P2W.
  6. I am with you there. At this point, I don't even care if "SWTOR remastered" is a new version without the ability to import accounts. The vanilla version of the game (even the solo aspects only) and up to about 4.0 in most aspects is so good that it deserves a good 2019-level technology. Gimme a SW RPG (MMO or not) which works as well as the 2 newest assassin's creed games, and I will probably drop anything else for it (Heck, I started playing it only for the reason of it technically being "KOTOR 3"). However, keep making this game closer to "ME Andromeda" (a display of "quantity and deadlines" over "quality and results"), and nothing will save it...
  7. All 8 class stories, all expansion main stories up to KOFTE (including), and even all planetary stories and side missions (it is OK to recycle a few planets rather than add more and more, though. Give Manaan some love!) Sound (both music, voice-acting and effects are amazing) Gear variety (extra points for dye modules and the appearance designer, and the ability to swap full appearance in a button click, of course). Good character creator with many options. Cool animation to most abilities, including the receiving ends of some (love these large knives on the target's of operatives. Not many games bother with the receiving ends at all). All the old flashpoints up to Umbara are not buggy and fun. Tanking, both in PVE and in PVP, is actually meaningful and fun (too bad about the existence of skanks though) G! S! F! Variety in the objectives of PVP so it isn't too repetitive (At least in the "dev layer". Too bad some people are "bored" by this variety anyway so they choose to switch any kind of map to TDM, so the resulted reduced variety won't bore them )
  8. 1. I am not even going to try to guess where were the commas supposed to be here. Too many options. Maybe install some auto-spelling add-on? 2. interesting, I respond to your invite to fight with an invite to fight and you are suddenly being evasive. We have a word for people like you. It’s called “female puppies”. [Female readers, don't take this seriously, it's a reference. Look at the previous posts] 3. Let's assume you did kill me (and I don't. See number 4): far as I care I was luring you and all your friends away from the node so we can win the match, and even during my death I was thinking "hehe, stupid enemies. I can't believe this simple trick worked on so many". You are so unfit for objective mindset so I will tell you: If my death serves the victory of the team, I will let this happen. You should do the same if you realize the realized the real goal in the game. 4. You killed me, eh? Humor us all and do tell me what is my legacy name, character name, and the class I was playing, and also when, please. Even better, post a video as proof if you have one. Ignoring this request will expose you as the lying kid that you are being now... 5. You literally (the real meaning of "literally") ignored everything I said for the lack of a good response, didn't you? Too bad I am able to respond to what you say AND say new things in the same post. A very useful skill for any human conversation
  9. I was hoping this is a good show. I am demonstrating how to use salt without offending any self-recognizing group (Except for "number farmers", because I actually do think being members of this group is a problematic feature )
  10. I think it would look less annoying if the objective required only 2 for daily and 7 for weekly but only progress for wins. It actually is worse than the current system (because losing is now 0 progression) but I think seeing a number like "50" is more discouraging (after all, assuming wins, the whole difference between 20 and 50 is in your head). Also, unlike the current "50", not rewarding losses at all will make farming 100% inviable. So "idle queuing" for the "benefit of losing" (which is a common tactic for mat farmers. They can watch Youtube and do other stuff as they do this) will be out of the question. To be honest, the new system is designed to discourage mat farmers but it only slows them down, it doesn't waste their time ("idle queueing"). The only people who DO lose time are those who actually play. So in the current system, a dedicated farmer is less discouraged than a real player who simply sometimes loses. If only wins progressed, while completing the weekly still takes more time, it is a complete shutdown to idle farming, which means you will not see that kind of farmers anymore. Might serve the purpose better and annoy less dedicated players.
  11. To be fair, maximizing output or efficiency in almost anything requires a spreadsheet. The sad thing is that the maximal speed is so low, that anything below it is almost unacceptable. So more people have to care about that, instead of the normal situation where most people go "who cares if it takes me 50% longer. It's just a few more days and I am having fun anyway". Now we are more like "I can't let it take 1% more time than necessary. It is a full week of suffering"
  12. Jeez. I know some necro'ed threads that STARTED in 2012 but this one even ENDED in 2012 and is still on topic. Makes you wonder, assuming the game still runs in 2025, what will the gear grind be like? Imagine if the situation now is 100x better than it would be now :eek::eek: Now reread the last paragraph and replace "gear grind" with each of the following: "merc OPness", "class imbalance", "number farming", "queue times"
  13. They theoretically could improve in the game "hacked SWTOR" until they are "good" in it. Then either they get noticed too much (due to their impact on the game getting bigger) and get banned or the cheat gets known enough so the devs act upon it and disable it somehow. Either way they will realize that improving in "hacked SWTOR" didn't help them at all in "SWTOR" itself, and they will have to start over again
  14. There are 2 subject here mainly (correct me if I am wrong): 1. Is using toxicity / insults a good way to keep PVPers in line in terms of not ruining matches. 2. Which insults should be considered "beyond the line" and which not. About the 2nd topic, it is a matter of perspective. I agree that making a too long list of bad words will devalue it, but think a general rule of "do not use any title that a group of people might identify themselves with" could work. This included races, genders and conditions. This does not include "imbecile, moron" or even "motherfu.cker" because no one identifies himself as such and can be offended because it is used as an insult (Unlike "autist", "jew", "N" etc.) My point there is, it is not how terrible is the word that is said, and I don't really mind what people call their target. My concern is about people ("bystanders") who aren't the target and are offended because their group's name is used as an insult. They have done nothing to deserve any offense, after all. Specifically, in this case, I care less about an autist who doesn't care about being one, or a non-autist being called "Autist", than I care about the other autists who do feel bad about their conditions and might see the message. [say whatever you want in /whisper. The red line there is absolutely further away] By the way, it is very mature of those who belong to a certain group to take no offense when it is used as an insult, but it still is very normal (and not to childish) to take offense from such things. This is why I think that despite mature people like Setarade who are "immune" to these things, it still is sensible to protect those who aren't. About the first topic, I see where you are coming from and it IS an effective deterrent against people who would ruining matches "casually" (not for the sake of trolling and annoying, but for laziness maybe). It will demotivate such people effectively when they see how bad things escalate if they do that. However, it actually encourages those who do it for the sake of annoying and angering. The number 1 troll killer is lack of attention. Since we can't have it here in a match because he keeps impacting our team negatively, the next best deterrent is if the entire team keeps it nonchalant "let's kick and report him" and express no further anger than merely stating the fact that he is a pest. If anger is expressed than his goal is achieved, and in his twisted way (every troll is somewhat twisted) he enjoys it, especially as I mentioned that sometimes people side with him simply because the offense go too far to their taste, such as when death wishes or racist comment start piling. Now the question is which group of game ruiners is bigger. My experience is that the troll group is bigger, so I support the calm reaction. If you experience is different, I can see where you are coming from. [ideally, the best way to is to try and evaluate what kind of ruiner is it and respond in the most effective tone accordingly. But this is quite hard to do during the match if you still want a chance to win. Also, you can't decide the tone of the whole group, only your own]
  15. It's a common mistake these days. "Let's settle this like men" means to most people "let's settle these like primitive apes and fight". I am not gonna spend a single CC to move over just to make a point. In addition, you fail to understand your failure as a human being (being as toxic and self-important as you are), which is the cause of the topic of this thread (=bad language and behavior) is not at all compensated by your in-game skills, even if you do have such. But by all means, keep telling everyone how better you are and how terrible they are if this is the only way to stabilize your self-image. P.S: We never tested who is better in the game, but you may wish to improve a bit when it comes to the thing that is called "punctuation" if you ever want to compete with literally anyone else here. This competition does not require server transfer
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