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  2. I found myself getting worried over what might happen next AND started smiling half through the last episode. While I agree that these final episodes really don't touch the heights of the earlier, I find myself pleased and entertained. Filoni had me on my toes making me wonder what might happen next, that's really all one can hope for. Even if I too would have liked som story topics prolonged and penetrated a bit more. Dave Filoni, and all you others who have worked on this show, it's an understatement when I acknowledge; You guys have saved Star Wars for me . . . Thanks and Cheers:)
  3. Hmmm, considering that the Concept of the Force is chiseled out from this 16 second line from E4 by Obi-Wan, i'd say that we, and Ezra, were shown one aspect on how that would work. It's interesting how up to the cave scene in TLJ this kind of revelations have been restricted to the cartoon series. The concept of how the Force "surrounds us" and "binds the galaxy together" has never really been 'shown' as it is in "World between Worlds". I partly agree with Dymond's concerns on these plot developments concerning the Force and are really expecting a "midichlorian" outcry about it. But handled well it would not be the disaster one sometimes makes this concepts to be. On the other hand, returning more to what might happen next, Ezra now haw a significant insight in how the Force works. Insights that would explain the Emperor's interest and the Sith's lack of knowledge regarding the Force, it also explains Yoda's many comment on the the topic in his encounters with dokuu and the Palpatine in the PTs. But as we move through the PT's we learn that the deeper knowledge about the Force is on decline, hence giving Palpatine the upper hand, thru the OTs and now the ST's we learn that all of it seems to be lost. By knowing what we know thru the lost missions, Mortis and now this thru Ezras experiences, Yoda's dialog with Luke in TLJ makes sense, it also put us the Fan/interested viewer on par(well, sort of) with Yoda's knowledge, that in turn will add an dimension to when we later on will follow Rey's quest for more knowledge of the Force. My conclusion then. I'm with the Dutchman on this. Those involved, Ezra in particular now need to be killed of. Why? Well his knowledge is lost, there can't be any other outcome of this;
  4. Well, well, well!! By the Ol' almighty George Lucas . . . I think I just wet myself Thank You, Dave, the Cast and All of You all making this happen. That's how it's done, hope that someone in the driverseat of the Franchise realize this as well . . .
  5. Agreed AND add a CM box of crew to the Guild Ships as well . . .
  6. Well . . . this y'all need to see before we can discuss. Loved the new Logo for the show!
  7. This is the cannibalistic nature of pvp. It was just a question of time before it would become a reality - again. I agree on the whole crossfaction idea, imo the opportunity of the 2 latest xpacs have been squandered in terms of cross faction pvp. The story allowed it and it wouldn't break immersion, but ofc it's not by any means to late the reskinned civil war map has made that very clear if any.
  8. Well, he essentially confirmed it in the quote from that article, and why not, why else, as Filoni says, is there a bearded guy on Endor fighting for the Rebels. As for knitting out the fate of the rest of the cast I have faith in Dave Filoni. He has emerged as the only one in the the franchise who actually is creative AND can deliver a decent Star Wars interpretation in his storytelling. I still hold the three last episode in TCW season 5 as some of the best Star Wars Stories ever told. Mr Filoni gonna make this happen, we may not like it, some of us might even love it, but neither of us will walk away and wonder what just happened . . . EDIT; Just came across this for the upcoming season start, kinda underline my point of view;)
  9. I took the liberty to place the Mid-Season trailer in the OP along with the start date. Being a bit Star Wars numb after my TLJ experience, I look at the second half of the trailer feeling some long lost anticipation for some Old Fashioned Wonderful Star Wars Storytelling ... "Help us Dave Filoni, you're our Only Hope!"
  10. This is some odd times for us Old Star Wars Fans. The inevitable New being replacing the Old and Loved. I'm looking forward to the last episodes of this season and series. I'm up for some OT nostalgia . . . So since we're at the end of this series here's a recap on season 1-3 and the latest Rebels recon before the season hiatus.
  11. I'm just gonna throw in Forbes Review of TLJ which I feel comes closest to my own current feelings about the movie
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