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  1. Funny you should say that. LOTRO general chat channels are almost always either pleasant or hilarious. I guess its players are simply cut from a finer cloth.
  2. That's not success. That's "barely getting by". You seem to have remarkably low standards... or no ambition.
  3. That's success, because once you have a great game that makes players happy, subs grow over time. This was the case with Warcraft, EVE Online, and Dark Age of Camelot. Because they are/were good, word spread, more people try them, more people realize how good they are, more people sub. The worst thing to happen to MMO gaming has been the "unpolished product cash grab". Just hype it, get it out the door, rake in the cash from the boxes and early subs... then sit back and "administrate" it's slow death.
  4. "Look guys! Star Wars: The Old Cheese is profitable! That means it's a good game, right? Right?" I love this fanboy crap. Instead of accepting the fact that this is a Warcraft cut & paste in space (and a shoddy one at that) which is also poorly run (resulting in a lackluster subscriber base), let's just call everyone who dislikes/has an issue with/is disappointed by this game "trolls" and go back to our caves where everything is fine and SWTOR is a fun and interesting game to play. SWTOR is about as fun and interesting as my foot. It's a cash grab and an absolute joke. Get over it. There, now let the troll flames commence.
  5. I hate this kind of comment. "Well let's see you do it then, genius!" Bioware is like Afghanistan; bombed out and depleted. It is a shadow of it's former self, which is what happens when EA sinks it's teeth into you and slowly corrodes you from within, and this game right here is proof that EA and its subsidiary are both grossly incapable of handling an MMO.
  6. Yeah, no one engages in PvP in WoW. Does that game even have PvP?
  7. SWTOR Reloaded: Same crap... same bag it came in. Yeah... yeah, that's not gonna work.
  8. SWTOR... Better than that golf game.™ It has a nice ring to it. If they push that line in their advertising, the game will definitely lose less subs from people who would rather be playing virtual hit-ball-in-hole.
  9. EVE Online did that for me. Oh, everywhere I go is cup-my-balls tense PvP... players can control the bulk of the game world... the economy is giant and functional... and I can endlessly customize my own approach to playing the game simply by training up for the right ship (thus negating the need for classes)? I was quite "wow this is new and refreshing" during the 8 years I played it.
  10. Every day WoW has a crowd like that just in the AH/Bank areas... on countless servers. First day of a post-patch world event requiring proximity to other players doesn't count bro, but nice try.
  11. No, a proper Ready Check... as in, "Are you ready to pull?" It is the most basic raiding tool currently available... in games other than SWTOR.
  12. No sir. This is what an MMO looks like... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/193/md1h.jpg/
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