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  1. Bioware, guys, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE don't forget about our companion LOVE INTERESTS. That means companions who are not ONLY Theron and Lana. You know, a lot of us kept Quinn, Vector, Doc, etc as our husbands/spouses. So don't forget them, okay? So excited!!!! Been here 7 years, can't wait for more new content and story!!
  2. They did the same to Quinn in my opinion. I know people had wanted to kill him. But by the time Quinn comes back in Iokath, it's been almost 7 years since the betrayal. You some way or another forgave him. Then you betray him and your faction by siding with the Republic. Since he's defending the Empire, you know, the thing he worships more than Sith Lords? You dub him a traitor again and kill him. (not YOU, but general you) I call all players who want any companion to die, for any dumb reason, a troll. And not a very intelligent troll. Why? Because once Bioware caves into their desires, they then **** up the game for the rest of us. I want Quinn alive and well and still my husband. I want there to be more face time with Theron. But because they are now killable for really dumb *********** reasons, we may or may not get them in anything but letters or small bits here and there. I mean, where the hell is Koth? All of my Koth are still alive, but I haven't seen him since early-mid KOTET. I'm tired of players wanting companions dead. Not only that, but they gave us people to romance that I never wanted to. WHY AM I ABLE TO ROMANCE KHEM-VAL??? That is *********** gross. And Jaesa knows I married Quinn, why the hell is she suddenly hitting on me?
  3. I'm sure there's some, just check archiveofourown.org and type in Jaesa Willsaam in the search bar. Sure some will pop up.
  4. Ugh. Skadge slash. I know girls coo over him, but it's bad enough Jaesa hit on me (I'm married, Jaesa!). I want more Quinn, can never get enough of him. Him and Doc melt my butter. I loved the Fem! JK's flirt when she first sees him "Talk, Talk, Talk (kiss him)" lol
  5. As everyone else said, I can log in now, but the servers disappeared. At least it's progress...i think. Guess I'll be reading Quinn fanfiction til they come up.
  6. Same. I just spent 1.5 hrs getting home when it's a 30 min drive, would like to play tonight before it gets too late. Thanks.
  7. I RP all the time, but I keep it to myself and my companions. I try not to interfere with someone's game play (unless they do it first, screw that be the bigger person crap). But I don't go and bother anyone. I just rp me and my companion running around doing stuff. If I do heal same faction, I don't do it while someone is fighting or if I do, it's once and I don't do it again cause I know how hard it is for some, even now in 5.10.
  8. But that's how real life is. You have people who agree with you, those who don't, those who don't care either way, those who like you and those who don't. Yeah, it sucks Dorne and Koth can leave, but it makes you think before going all BWAHAHAHAHAHA psychotic evil dark side for the *******s of it. I WANT my companions interacting with me. If I was just here for yes men and doing nothing but raiding, flash points and pvp, I'd just take my fat *** back over to WoW.
  9. Yeah, I'm still not thrilled how they handled Quinn. Yes, I understand I am big bad (good in this case as I'm light side 5 sw) Sith warrior and his 'lord', but ffs I forgave him literal and game YEARS ago. I even tell Vette when she mentions it when she comes back during KOTFE that I forgave him. Does he remember? NOPE! I get the 'omg I was scared you no love me no more so I was a little ***** and hid from you'. What happened to my strong, intelligent Imperial Officer? Now, he's a whimp! I want my Vanilla Quinn back. Yes, he was respectful to my position of a Sith Lord, but dude, I'm also his wife. He doesn't have to snivel at me. Grr.
  10. You should have just come here to the forums and clicked on someone's link in their sig box. We won't pay you, but you won't have to worry about our honesty or dishonesty. I never pay anyone for something they can do of their own accord for free. (Generally speaking) You either click my link, or you don't here on the forums. Yes, he or she, shouldn't have said they'd pay you and then not do so, but still. Also, that whole click the link while you're an active sub doesn't work. I tried using my husband's link when he was an active sub and it didn't do ****.
  11. Yeah, I LOVE how Theron or Lana interacts with you or you them when you're doing a mission, but what about the other dang romances? Not every single one of my characters romanced Theron or Lana. I have romanced and renewed/kept the romance for: Doc, Quinn, Jorgan, Corso, Vector, Torian, Andronikos, Iresso on those characters, two have romanced Theron and that's it. I LOVE Theron and Lana and I'm glad they are still working together and with you, whether they agree with everything you do or not, but come on Bioware. Give us some bones to be happy with.
  12. I'm glad they made Jaesa bisexual, but my Sith Warrior is married to Quinn and Jaesa (to me personally) came out of left field saying she loves me. I could understand during our Vanilla time together, but by Ossus she hasn't seen me for almost 8 years and suddenly spouts out love? Does no one in the galaxy know I'm already taken? The only time it's mentioned is during KOTFE, KOTET, or when you break up with Lana or Theron. Otherwise, everyone is so surprised. I thought I was this big to do person (I can see my JK having people be surprised she got married), but not everyone else. And especially not Jaesa who was on my ship when I married Quinn. I think flags should be a tad more detailed. They are getting there and I enjoy that.
  13. Exactly. As I said earlier, I do love Theron and Lana, but I want my other romanced companions to show some proof their my husbands/wives not just I get them and that's that.
  14. I know not everyone is into companions, but can you PLEASE include scenes like you did with Jorgan and Torian into 6.0, but with ALL the current and potential love interests? I thought it was great having you want Theron to come with you in 5.10, can we get that for the other companions too? Not everyone romanced only Theron or Lana. It would be AWESOME. Especially since we just got back Jaesa, Doc and Nadia. Really really really want this.
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