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  1. The fact that you say battleground instead of warzone says it all. Go back to WoW if you can't handle this game.
  2. That's odd.... I can't think of any other game they have copied from. This game is unique in almost every aspect , except for the Standard MMO features.... Which you need to make an MMO. That does not in any way mean that they have copied any other game. Just to clarify what i mean.... This game is not only unique because it's star wars... Everything about it is unique , except the standard MMO features , which i mentioned earlier.
  3. Most of the features you consider basic , is only basic in World of Warcraft..... Maybe you should go back to that game then.
  4. -The game has barely began , so how is it that everyone is expecting perfect endgame in the start? While no other game has ever accomplished that in this short period of time. - PvP has allways been somewhat inbalanced in every MMO before this. - No gamebreaking bugs remain at this time. - The loading screens are only annoying if your computer is 10 years old , otherwise it takes like 30 sec at most. - Maintenance is actually badly placed though , that's about the only part i agree with in your post. As for the things i left out , they are either inaccurate or irrelevant.
  5. How is this a non biased post? Maybe you should learn what words mean before you use them.
  6. Just on a side note from my previous post. This game is by far the most fun MMO i've played in a while... and i've played a lot of MMO'S , and while this oppinion might not be shared by everyone i don't see the need to post that kind of negativity at all on forums.
  7. Honestly , you should think before you make a thread.... Because every MMO released thus far has been like that at max level. Instances , Raids , Daily quests and of course PvP. If you don't like the way a MMO works , why play it then? And if you don't like it , instead of making a post like this... just make a suggestion of what you would consider better endgame acticvities.
  8. Ugh, THIS!..... First of all , they delivered exactly what was on the package , and exactly what they announced... If people still bought their game it's on them , not on the creators. Secondly , why would you even expect more from the game than you know it's offering? If they say they're offering a popsicle , you can't expect to get a whole icecream truck.
  9. So , if im getting you right.. you expect this game to have the exact same features as the game you're currently coming from (i assume)? And even if you don't it's still ridiculous. The fact that they actually said they were going for something new should make you realize that they might not add all the things that may or may not have failed other games.... Even if it worked for a game as WoW for example , it might not suit this game.... deal with it or leave.
  10. While your computer might not be that bad , you must consider the posibility that you have less ram then you need, or a slow processor. For the game to run smooth without any problems you need to have at least 4 gig ram , and while the requirements suggest otherwise, that's what you need.
  11. I play on atho city , i also play on bloodworthy that was mentioned in another post in this thread. I have not experienced any kind of ms problem today. In fact , i've never had any problems with that .. so must be your internet
  12. Also , there is no need to let anyone know why you are quitting , because nobody cares , and as for feedback.... just tell bioware through email or ticket or whatever.
  13. Why would you even bring it up , when people already reported all that ... and it's being fixed at this very moment. Just get over yourself and play something else...
  14. I don't know where you get that from... but that is certainly not true. This level 50 gameplay might be a bit unpolished... but it's nowhere near worse than rift... and even though WoW has much more content for obvious reasons , this content is way more fun. And let me tell you that half of those "i quit threads" don't even quit...., as per usual.
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