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  1. I still don't see how they hand out tokens for free when KP/EV are the highlighted ops but "oh no actually difficult content can't drop the same loot"
  2. How about no gear at all but style items? Style items would be much more interesting to me than any gear with stats on it as one can easily farm ops gear in highlighted hms
  3. I don't understand BW's reasoning behind putting the most wanted item of nim-quality on a world boss. But the stupidity seems in line with their decision to release half a planet and hold back the other half for a week or the new torque fire animations
  4. Can't you just shut the instance gate until the 4th? The method was discovered back on the pts (or the "demo-server" as nothing that's on there ever seems to change until release)
  5. The biggest nerf is imo one which is in the patch notes, it's the 204 mainhands that will be available from the boss on ziost
  6. good joke It makes the set bonus worthless and is clearly a nerf
  7. A fun thing they could do (obviously it would fail badly in a random group) would be to disable moving while you have the ball All the advanced with the ball have to be done by passing
  8. I came here to drink juice and kick ***, but my companion has already kicked all the ***
  9. Have you been living under a rock since RotH came out?
  10. (Adding to the collection ^^) Because we have power levels which aren't intended by the dev team (Over 9000)??? Because the dps raises to idiotic levels (see WoW)????
  11. Kicking someone because he's undergeared is not the same thing as kicking someone because he's there for the first time and doesn't know the mechanics. Good joke! are there really tanks who hide behind rocks on Lurker 8sm? His roar doesn't even really scratch my hp bar Imo the problem a lot of groups have with underlurker is that the dps fall behind and through that the heals fall behind then add one failed cross and you have a wipe Correct, ToS is not fine. an operation shouldn't be solo tankable while it's current content
  12. Shouldn't the morale be "Give up and you will get it"
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