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  1. LOL this is exactly why i stopped playing about 2 months ago. I knew the things would massively change. Im so glad i never got any toon to 50 and have to feel bent over. Im just waiting now for them to nerf leveling and make that super fast as well. Keep up the GREAT work bw! LOL
  2. I want to say all this looks great but seriously most of this junk should have been in the game on day 1. Also just reading they will probably never add macros in the game is enough to make me dump this game as well. I dont need 2000 keybinds when im pvp'ing, its just too much to deal with. I havent played in about a month now and i guess ill be waiting another 6 months until i feel this game is fun again. Of course by that time gw2 will be out so good luck bioware. Maybe someday in the future you'll put as much work into this game as you do with mass effect 3.
  3. I like everything about the game except for the painfully slow leveling. Can we add something to the legacy system to speed this up? Tatooine is painful enough as it is.
  4. i like the game too but right now there's just too many things working against it. I dont want to grind to 50 only to find out 3 months later they made the grind 50% easier. Cant stand questing and leveling in pvp would be mind numbing due to the fact there's only 3 wz's. This game will be good once there's more of...well....everything.
  5. If this is true they shouldnt leave they should be shot out of a canon into a wall.
  6. 1. boring leveling 2. broke pvp 3. no addons macros
  7. Its big budget but they at least try to be innovative. Unlike other mmo's that come out that just want to copy wow. Sorry but my days with wow are over and playing a different mmo that just a reskinned wow is where we're at now.
  8. I hear you. I wish i could wipe out all my years of playing mmos just to get the feeling of excitement again when a new one comes out. Now i can pretty much predict what will be in any new mmo and i know what to expect. The fun is over.
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