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  1. I hate to say it, but I assume they are all rare drops from The Shrine of Silence Flashpoint. I have seen the Voss Trees (all 3) and the Voss Banner (Hanging) being sold on the GTN the first week of the update. I have done The Shrine of Silence 18 times and I only have one of the Voss Hanging Lanterns,
  2. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Nvidia RTX 3060 TI Windows 10 Home / 64 Bit Overall a very good experience. No crashes, but on one login I experienced a black screen and no way to fix without restarting the game. Some planet load screens were very long, like Makeb and Rishi. Tooltip tied to mouse pointer does not work for me. It kept resetting to a location. As mentioned above, Eternity Vault has issues with invisible platforms in Gharj's and Soa's rooms. Please add a setting to skip asking if you want to pay to quick travel to a location.
  3. Do you think you'll PvP more or less than you did before the update? The same amount, which is a few times a week. Do the rewards on the reward track make you want to PvP specifically to earn them? Yes, but I hope it goes past level 25. Do you think you'll queue for 8v8 Warzones or 4v4 Arenas equally? Equally, or 4v4 if time is limited. Do you feel the new Warzone medals will encourage objective play? Unsure? Is it clear how to earn PvP points and progress the Season reward track? Yes, though it is not clear how many you earn from winning or losing a match, so I can only guess it's based on medals as well. What is your overall impression of the changes to the PvP season system? A big improvement for casual and regular PvP players. A downgrade for ranked players. What do you like the most about the changes to the PvP season system? The Season track and the new arena. What do you like the least about the changes to the PvP season system? I think the old ranked rewards should be a bit more difficult to obtain in 7.2. What is one change or adjustment you would like to make on the new PvP Season system, what would it be, and why? Make the weekly objectives more challenging. A few things: - Can't track PvP Season weekly objectives. - Did not get credit towards any weekly objectives. - Scoreboards should break down the match a bit more on the first tab. It seems like they combine both healing and damage done. - Right clicking the pvp icon on the tray will only allow you to queue for a single type of PvP.
  4. Do you feel your group was able to progress in power through the Operation? Yes, slowly. Do you think improvements could be made to make it easier to progress as a group? If so, what do these improvements look like? Yes. Seeing a rebalance to the IP-CPT HM fight would be great and I would be happy if it were prioritized. Rebalancing would help those of us who are working on R4 HM get to the later bosses quicker each week, and it would help bring more players into R4-HM who might be dissuaded by the first boss's difficulty now. I personally believe that the entire group makeup should not have to change for one fight. This slows down progression in multiple ways: multiple people have to play different classes and roles that they are not used to. Players then have to leave the operation (and face a likely game crash on the loading screen) to swap to their main role after the boss is down. I would love to see some bug fixes as well, because they also slow down progression. Fixing zombie frames, dealing with loading screen crashes, the IP-CPT doorway being aggro-able, and the ad during the Lord Kanoth fight all cause small issues that add up. Did you want to upgrade your Hazardous gear? Yes How quickly were you able to upgrade your Hazardous gear? Very slowly because of the first boss causing such a bottleneck every week. Was Hazardous gear helpful in completing The R-4 Anomaly? Yes Do you like the look of these armor sets? Sorry, no. They are certainly on-theme for the operation, but not my cup of tea. Did you attempt to clear The R-4 Anomaly to earn these armor sets? For that purpose? No. Is there anything you’d like to see from future Operations armors? I would like to see blue and purple mods from Hyde and Zeek for 340. I understand why that is not currently a feature, but I would expect it in the future. Do you like the look of this mount? Very much. Did you attempt to clear The R-4 Anomaly to earn this mount? Yes, but I don't really expect to ever get one. Is there anything you’d like to see from future Operations mounts? One per operation would be great, that's it. Maybe... a 10% drop chance?
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