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  1. Vitiate, I think. Sidious was crazy powerful and all, but he didn't: A. Achieve immortality. B. Have the end goal of eating all existance. C. Drive people insane just by being near them.
  2. I'm really not sure how to say no to this strongly enough. Edit: Oh wait!
  3. Personally, I thought the plot of the first game was one of the best in Star Wars. Top ten, at least. Too bad the second game had to go and ruin everything.
  4. And then you'll die, because your not specialized in anything, and anyone that is will school you.
  5. Some, of the Star Wars movies aren't really supposed to be for kids you know. There's forced amputation in at least five of the movies, and the consistant lesson that if someone is faceless you can kill them with no repercussions. Let's not even talk about the EU.
  6. In this case, neither materiel is the official version, because (as of yet) no official version has been named. As for KOTOR, originally they wanted to keep Revan and The Exile's genders and appearances ambiguous, which is refected in the KOTOR comics, where Revan is always hooded or masked. Later, they decided to canonize them to a greater extent, so they settled everything up in TOR. It was more of a retcon.
  7. The games and the novelizations of the games are equally C-Canon, though game mechanics are almost never canon. Effectively, you can take either as canon, and it doesn't really matter. Either way, Galen defeated Vader and held his own against Palpatine in a battle of the Force. (IE, the final cutscene.)
  8. TFU III. If only so the developers can either: A. Vindicate the last game. B. Kill off that God-aweful clone for good.
  9. The protagonist isn't a Jedi. I'd be surprised as hell if he didn't go after one though.
  10. What were you watching? Galen outclassed Vader in practically every aspect of the battle, and won with enough strength left to go one-on-one with Palpatine. Hell, even that abomination of a clone defeated Vader, even if he was holding back. And yes, I know Galen used his agility to run circles around Vader. It doesn't change the fact that Vader lost.
  11. 1. I'm not angry. B. I... Would have used that video to prove my point. All of the blasts are elongated just like in the game. 4. Yes, but we don't know what the entire level is going to look like, and I doubt the entire game will take place on 1313 alone.
  12. 2. .... And we only see the front of the ship. They look practically the same. 3. Again, early development. B. Again, watch the OT, specifically Episode 4. The blasters fire in almost the same way. 4. Really? So you've played through the game? So you know everything is going to look the same? Well don't hold back on us man, tell us what happens and what it's all about!
  13. 1. They're not uniforms. They're just outfits that the two characters happen to be wearing. 2. The ship is a carbon-copy of a blockade runner - IE, the ship from the end of Episode 3 and the start of Episode 4. 3. A. The blasters sound pretty much like blasters to me. Could be better, but remember the game is still in development. B. His blaster looks nothing like a phaser. C. Rewatch 4-6. Almost every blaster shoots in a stream. 4. They're going to 1313.
  14. Well, it looks like it does take place sometime during the Empires hold of the planet, at least if the Star Wars.com front page is anything to go by. For anyone to lazy to check it out, the main page has an image of the protagonist looking out over an Imperial shuttle and two TIE fighters.
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