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  1. No, Grapple is not any kind of attack. It has no type at all. Yes, resilience stops it, but Force Shroud will not, as Grapple is neither a Force nor Tech attack.
  2. Grapple - it's not any kind of attack, not Force, Tech, Ranged, or Melee.
  3. That's because this is exactly what is happening. I'm not sure why people think it's occurring more now than before.
  4. Elite War Hero off hand armorings have lower stats than War Hero off hand armorings.
  5. I'm not so convinced on the Rocket Punch talents.
  6. Why does the listed 23/1/17 spec take some shield talents, but not all shield talents in the way? If you're not equipping a shield, there are dps talents that can be taken instead. If you are equipping a shield, why not use the Shield talents?
  7. Declaring it a loss is poor form. Telling your team they screwed up is not. I've been on enough teams that totally blow it on the first door in Voidstar (like 6 guys defending against 5 and allowing a plant while all 6 defenders are alive) and then recover for a full stop on the second door. They need to be reminded to pay attention.
  8. Buh? Hot Pursuit makes Quick Shot free for 6 seconds, which is instant. There's no standing still or Charged Burst involved.
  9. There is no cooldown on Hot Pursuit. The tooltip says there is one, but there isn't. I'm not sure if that would make it worth taking or not; I'm not arguing either direction.
  10. The Reinforcement Medals are a great idea. Too bad it'll never happen.
  11. Why would anyone assume Guild Wars 2 would be better than Guild Wars 1? Guild Wars 1 had the worst pvp of any MMO. Why would I quit a game to play something I know will be worse?
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