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  1. Mercs have always been fantastic, you just blow chunks at playing them.
  2. cycao


    Subway or #1 buffet for lunch today?
  3. Someone in our PoT5 facebook group said to sum up Wildstar combat was everyone having deathfield, death from above, flame thrower and force storm.
  4. cycao

    Why I Premade

    Pretty sure you don't have to be in a premade to kill 25k of any class.
  5. cycao

    Why I Premade

    You're not even max level?
  6. Revert resolve back when overlapping stuns was a thing and make it so resolve only drains when in combat.
  7. It's early but this might well be the post of the week...Possibly the month.
  8. As long as they have a system in place to which you can pay to put any toon on any server I highly doubt you will ever see another server merge. Not saying I'm against it though.
  9. Well I suppose that the only drawback would be unlike UR if you pop it below say 30% chances are it's not going to prevent/delay your death as there are plenty of hard hitting weapon based abilities including all executes. Only thing I can think of.
  10. cycao


    Ignore this Rob.
  11. I know, this forum sucks now.
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