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  1. Bobf, also from Dark Reaper. It seems that I see either only Jawa Fight Club and BadCompany in WZs anymore. Imps do out number Pubs on our server, but the activity in Imp Fleet isn't what it used to be. If there isn't more than 100 toons in our fleet, I can't imagine the ghost town Pub side is becoming. Dark Reaper used to be a top 5 pop PvP server, but it has bled out considerably imo. BW needs to do to things by yesterday: implement server xfers, implement rated WZ. In 4 days, SWTOR will take another population hit as everyone tries out D3. Who knows the carnage after GW2 and Tera go live. I might not last past D3, I pvp all the friggin time but the lack of variation in opponents and redundant WZ maps are beginning to wear me down. With no 8 man queues and no idea when they'll be put in, it seems like empty PvP that seems to be a platform for another gear grind. I made a reasonable proposal to BW once (shameless sig plug) but it fell on deaf ears. I hope they listen to the OP.
  2. What isn't too bright is thinking that people should stay "loyal" to a product from which they no longer derive fun. Video games are leisure activity, and on a relative scale of the expense of entertainment, very cheap compared to other hobbys. Of course the audience is fickle. If something sucks, they drop it and play something else. It isn't rocket science, nor is it some sense of "entitlement." I know, it's ridiculous these days to expect a product/service that you pay for to function as advertised. We should all just shut up and let BW release patch after patch with the ardent hope that one day a decent game will be available to play. Insanity.
  3. If SWTOR was supposed to be a co-op online version of KOTOR, they should've marketed as such, but they didn't. They marketed SWTOR as a "triple-a title MMORPG." So yeah, the people here wanting an mmo are disappointed, which is the vast majority of the playerbase. Good for you that you got the game you wanted, I'm sure empty servers will improve you and your friend's immersion. 23% and counting down.
  4. Most people don't play games for their population curves, or how profitable they are, or whatever spin is being thrown out now to somehow make positive light of people leaving the game. BW needs to pull it's head out, before they have a Warhammer Online quarter where literally 75% of the subs left in 3 months. 25% isn't too bad a start, if you're impressed by incompetence.
  5. Does this news really surprise anyone? It probably surprises the fans who assured us 1.2 would increase subs. Those same people are here defending a loss of subs as progress, or like the news reports on the economy "everything isn't as bad as we thought, so therefore it's good." No. This kind of news needs to WAKE UP the people running things down there at BW. Stop messing around with these fluff features. Implement features that people willing to give you money will pay for. Pro tip: it isn't legacy. Want to increase subs EA/BW? Server transfers, rated WZ, and class balance that is based on real metrics, not the threshold of whine posts being exceeded by some internally known number. Otherwise watch that churn in shock and awe next quarter.
  6. Sorry OP, Sorc/Sage already got heavily nerfed, you'll need to make about another 500ish new threads for another round. In the meantime, I recommend practicing playing the game.
  7. We do have (some) burst, it's just that it's all RNG dependent now instead of basically "on demand" from a wrath proc. Since so much rests on a 30% proc(s), you either end up doing garbage burst, or getting spectacular back-to-back procs and burning someone down like the old days. And yes Mr. Chief, i still rock the hybrid. It just isn't total faceroll anymore
  8. I agree that Sorc burst is a joke, and it's much harder now to burn people down than it was before. We were adjusted according to BW "metrics" (i.e. number of qq forum posts, it appears mara/sent is next). However, our damage is still pretty good, with our tool box of cc and escapes. Sorcs can still squeeze performance out of the class, it really comes down to spec and especially attack rotation. I run 0/23/18, and burst potential is there, it's just all about rng. I can tell you that I can pop trinkets, get a fast cast force barrage, proc insta-LS, it forks, procs CL, it forks, follow up with a death field, then a doublestrike shock, and someone with 15-18k hp is dead in a single rotation. Obviously, this takes the stars to align to happen, but it does. Experiment with your setup, your mileage may vary. edit: hey there Chief
  9. OP gets 10/10. immaculate work, good sir.
  10. The real final word on UR from the mara/sent community: "don't nerf me bro!" They did it to sorcs, we said all the same things. It didn't matter. Remember: good gamers adapt.
  11. You just discovered the genius of the metrics used by BW to balance classes. Soon, the forum QQ will reach a fever pitch, then BAM, mara/sent dmg lowered by 25% (roughly the same amount sorc aoe was nerfed). Remember mara/sents, good gamers adapt.
  12. So many bads and carebears would rather see the legacy system introduced with more useless, expensive, and fluff features than work on anything that would tangibly and immediately affect sub retention, like more pvp features. These same players however were hoping for online KOTOR co-op, and are still bitter BW made an mmo. For those worrying about lag, all BW has to do is make a shuttle to a separate dueling zone, or make a dueling zone in the fleet that you load into like an instance. What the bads here arguing against dueling in fleet fail to realize is that the basic inconvenience of having to go through 3+ loading screens just to go duel between WZs is ridiculous. All we need is a new shuttle or doorway from the fleet, one loading screen, and then a dueling area. That would mean no lag in fleet, and the sensitive shut-ins here who's delicate sensibilities are offended by people dueling can now wait around at the fleet in peace while they assemble their raid for their ez mode scripted encounter. everyone wins.
  13. These threads are so awesome. The OP has added to BW's metrics; only a few more posts now till there's enough measured QQ metrics for a mara/sent nerf. You guys are getting more tears than sorc/sage, so I hope you can adapt to your burst being gutted. Remember, good gamers adapt.
  14. How are you mara/sents enjoying your sorc/sage-like forum experience? Remember, good gamers adapt.
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