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  1. I tried the event like every year it's available, on day one... I am flush with credits, so personally, I'm not fussed about the changes - feels like every year, with every change it's a bit of a new learning process. So... here's what I learned/observed (remember, I said I'm flush with credits - just a drop in the bucket for my wallet - not everyone has this luxury, I get it): 1) bought 20 MAX Bet Emp tokens... yup, 3 bil - like others, not counting certs... I got maybe 4 jackpots (all old stuff). Ok, that stung a bit.. 3 bill is a filthy amount of credits for anyone, coupled with the 1 pet, 2 weapons, and 1 mount that I already won dozens of in previous years. That was absolutely a mistake - recommend NEVER pulling that machine handle. 2) Played 100 Emp tokens, so 750 mil each time, on 5 toons (Satele Shan), and then 1 toon on all others (except Shae Vizsla... no money there) and got fairly similar results: ^ overall, ~15% jackpots with too many certs to count and lots of straight up losses ^ tons of old jackpot rewards; everything from pets to mounts to weapons... ^ more weapons than I would have liked to see (which are over flowing with availability again via GTN) ^ I was happy to add a few more 70's sunglasses, LOL ^ completed the full chevo's on Satele Shan (after 520 pulls over 5 toons) ^ and in ALL those spins across every server (920 pulls) I won one, single, new shiny helmet with the 70's visor Given my in-game financial situation, I wasn't too bent about the Emp token outcomes and experience... was a couple hours of fun. MAX Bet machine is a joke - and a very expensive lesson. Lastly, I know RNG is exactly that... RNG - but 1 helmet in 920 pulls was bit disappointing. Oh well - I suspect in the next year or two I'll have one on every toon (unless further, significant changes) - we'll see? Happy gambling, and MTFBWY - like, for real! EDIT: one bonus... I got zero Wraith mounts from the Emp slot machine. Not like previous years, I've won so many I could open a Wraith mount dealership on every planet!? Cheers, J
  2. Yup - I got a few on Satele Shan... feel free to send me a DM, we can connect in game Cheers, J
  3. Correct, thank you... just one small clarification. What's interesting is that I don't even have the full 15 max count in inventory - some servers have as little as 10, others 13 or 14... but the mail wont let me pull out enough to even top up - so there are ~10 or so in mail expiring today (or tomorrow early AM) on every server, unless I spend them on items I don't want/need. ...and yes, what that means is I have everything the vendor offers - so why complain, you may ask? Personally, I just find it frustrating to fully participate in the events the game offers, only to lose out on what I've earned (even if it's just future currency) because of the cap, the lockout on certain items, the lack of new items to purchase - etc. I'm also frustrated that the original CS response was incorrect on multiple topics - they just tell you "whatever" and close your ticket. That is NOT customer service... Now... I did observe an option yesterday: there are two new mounts on the "other" GS vendor that popped this week - one is vendor mount only, and the other is a mount that is part of the rewards track this year. Currently, I have neither added to Collections... what I am thinking (hoping!?) is that I can use my excess GS tokens during this last 24 hours to purchase those mounts and hold them all in inventory - WITHOUT actually activating either of them, and that should in theory, allow me to purchase multiples on every server - and use the currency the way I want. Now - this still doesn't resolve the issue of the mounts being "locked out" once ONE has been activated by any one player, on any one server - then forcing the use of CC's for account wide unlock. The GS vendors have never operated this way - and again, for folks like me (surely I am not the only long term sub flush with tokens and nothing new to spend them on)... it just doesn't seem fair? Also, why would "Legacy" items only have a 1 per account (not even server) limitation - it makes zero sense to me? This seems like a glitch - and maybe this thread should move the the Bugs section? Cheers, J
  4. @JackieKo - looks like you're back after a few days... wondering if you can give this some immediate attention, as mailed (unclaimed) GS tokens will be expiring tomorrow unless claimed... and the only way to claim them, is to have room in inventory for the FULL amount (wont even let you top up to the max 15)... and the only way to have room in inventory is to spend them... and the last update has now removed our ability to purchase Legacy Mounts, if you already have one activated account wide - forcing the only unlock solution to use Cartel Coins for those mounts - and nothing else to spend those earned tokens on... have everything and buying more decos (but gating mounts) seems like an unintended error on someones part... not to mention the multiple incorrect CS responses. Please and thanks... 1 day left. J
  5. CS just re-responded to my follow up (similar to earlier post) - stating that because I have purchased/activated those mounts on another toon (anywhere across the account) - that is why I can not purchase any more - the ONLY way to add them to other characters is to spend Cartel Coins to unlock them account wide. They advised they were incorrect in their first reply, and these items are not exclusive to non-paying players... gee, no kidding!? Which is NOT how the vendors worked 2-3 weeks ago (or the past 2 years of GS)... before the most recent update. I don't recall reading anything about this change - that said, I could have missed it if anyone can point me in the right direction? So... not only do they add little content to spend GS tokens on new stuff... for those who have been actively participating in GS since the start (and are flush with tokens), now they're gatekeeping the mounts, and FORCING subs to spend real $$ CC's... while the garbage decos can still be purchased ad-nauseum. Sorry again - I'm in full rant mode today 🙃 J
  6. @EricMusco - any chance you can help out here... or redirect to a team member who understands how this works? Dozens of GS tokens expiring now in 3 days...
  7. I have dozens of GS tokens expiring in less than 5 days... and the GS vendor will not allow me to purchase ANY of the three GS mounts that are currently available. These mounts are Legacy bound, 3 GS tokens each... I have plenty of tokens and no mounts unlocked in collections account wide. There is NO reason I am "not eligible" to purchase these - level 80 toons max riding speed, max legacy... every single server. Ticket submitted. Hoping I don't loose ~70 GS tokens account wide as a result of this... Cheers, J
  8. this hasn't seen an update in couple days, and appears no DEV response yet - can we get this resolved, please? @JackieKo
  9. Any indication how long Season 2 will go for? I see it starts March 28th... can't seem to find when it ends. Cheers, J
  10. tried on multiple toons... able to buy all other weapons - getting some message about not eligible? Have plenty of snow covered parcels for currency. Anyone else experiencing this - any fix recommendations? Sorry if this is posted elsewhere... tried a search but couldn't find anything? Cheers, J
  11. Not seeing this option for my toon - but have it another, on another server. Is there a minimum level, or other requirement I'm missing? Toon has a Legacy, over level 20, a ship, non-sub but in a guild. Any ideas folks? J
  12. So... just got a THIRD email from support... regurgitating the exact same useless "use the repair" feature advice - that DOES, NOT, WORK... for anyone that is posting here!? Bioware - will you please resolve this, respond, offer some kind of remedy for impacted players... or at the very least advise your support team to share (imho) the ONLY fix that seems to work currently... uninstall game, make a steam account, download game from steam - works fine. Just a note, this is not a lengthy process - took me 10 mins total (mid-high range laptop). Cheers, J
  13. UPDATE: uninstalled... then made a STEAM account... installed there (took about 10 minutes total). Everything works fine now. **PSA to players (and to support team... maybe try this recommendation instead of copy paste the same useless process that doesn't work) end of line.
  14. This EXACTLY - have had two replies from "so called" support asking me to follow the same... download this file, use repair... and everything will work fine - process. Tried 4 times - does not work. Can activate launcher, enter credentials, press PLAY button - then nothing... game does not launch and launcher just sits there. Can press Play over and over and over - nothing happens.
  15. Exact same scenario here... brand new laptop running Win 11 - never had this issue before. Worked fine this morning on both older laptops Win 10
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