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  1. Looks like Bioware upcoming game, Anthem, is taking all the workforce available to it. Personally the Anthem reveal trailer left me simply not caring: the setting seems bland, the armors looked silly and uninspired, and the gameplay seemed generic as f***. Now what really boggles my mind is why EA, having a 10 year deal with the SW franchise, didn't ask BW to focus on a action rpg SW game instead of Anthem. BW has the experience, they could have made a game combining gameplay elements from SWTOR and ME and it would have sold like pancackes. Instead we're probably witnessing BW putting one foot in the grave already... Such a shame Bioware, such a shame.
  2. I will. At least I won't spend money on cartel packs that recycle old armors.
  3. I wish the companions & alliances ranks were Legacy wide, Bioware, you catch my hint?
  4. Came back to this game like a week ago, played with my main and now currently doing the Star Fortresses quests, today I was wondering, for me it's looks like it's gonna take me a while to lvl up the affection of my companions and alliances, I get the feeling that if I want to try to max it all out I might have to put on hold all my other alts for a loooong time. So for those that played the expansion way more than me, is this the case? PS: oh, I know, it's not Kefta it's Kotfe, don't care, keftas are tastier.
  5. I don't follow that kind of argument, imagine if applied in a larger scale: EA is in the US, Bethesda (Fallout 4) is in the US too, if I bought F4 instead of Battlefront wouldn't I be rewarding the country for their own failure? I don't see it like that, even though both are EA games, they are still being made by 2 different entities, sure EA would still get my money but only one entity will get the praise for it, while the other won't which could lead to restructuration.
  6. Probably mixed with the WoW servers.
  7. There's a big difference between those 2 EA products though, Bioware had no involvment in Battlefront, that's a plus in my book.
  8. Fallout 4 will wait until it's properly patched and gets a nice amount of good mods. Yeah, I made the mistake of taking a 6 month subscription, it's canceled by now but it would be kind of a waste for me to not play it until my subscription runs out, damn new expansion CGI trailer, should have known better.
  9. SWTOR, SWTOR never changes, 6-7 months ago I unsubbed this game, back then mercs/mandos were in a pitiful state and so were they last year and the year before, now I came back to try this new expansion and I read mercs are still in the same crappy state, while PTs run faster than Speedy Gonzalez and burst 10 people to kingdom come in the blink of an eye? Bioware, you gotta be kidding me.
  10. They have exactly 15 min before I go buy Battlefront and forget about this game forever.
  11. Hey guys, returning player, I was wondering, I finished the Kotfe story with my main character (a bounty hunter) and to be honest I felt the BH didn't really fit in the story, for those that played other classes, who do you think fits well dialogue wise in this new campaign. I was thinking starting either a freshly lvl60 Warrior or Agent.
  12. There was already banter before this expansion, but it this one I noticed that there's a lot more NPCs chatting around, and I think it's very nice, while playing the expansion for the first time it makes me explore every map just for the sake of listening to it rather than rushing throug the content. Nicely done Bioware, I hope you guys keep adding this chit chat banter for all your games, in a good proportion.
  13. It's the same crap as it was in 3.0 and before that in 2.0. SWTOR, SWTOR never changes.
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