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  1. Well that is pretty much how most themepark MMO's work. You aren't starting all over again. You are just continuing to better your character as new content comes out. Why I don't like playing anymore is my friends won't come back and I have no desire to make new ones. I was in two different guilds after my friends left and both of those are gone now too. That and the direction of the game with all solo content now. I play MMO's for the group aspects. I like the soloing for leveling and such, but I also love dungeons and raiding. I never really liked the progression set up of the game but I still enjoyed the dungeons and raids anyways. Since my friends are all done with this game and its all solo stuff now, it just doesn't appeal to me anymore either.
  2. Wow was not the first MMO. Not even the second or third.
  3. It's a lot cheaper to make content for EQ1 then it is for ToR. Just sayin.
  4. You look at this all wrong. MMOs are not an era of the past. Millions of people still play them. A game just gets stale and boring after a while. Especially when your playstyle is completely neglected for a long time. Bioware is not going to get a ton of players back just by making a new raid. A lot of people never go back to games they quit because the reason they left never changed and they are invested in a new game by that point. The other reason is because usually they left with a large group of friends and most of those wont come back. It has nothing to do with MMOs being an era of the past.
  5. I was talking about at the time. Of the original four raids EC was the hardest. I stopped playing before Revan and I only pop in now and again to check out the game. Unfortunately my friends arent coming back and the guild I merged into seems to have vanished. Im not going to even bother finding yet another guild as I am way behind the curve and to put it simply the direction of the game isnt to my liking. I play to play with others and it doesnt seem like they are going to be adding new group content anytime soon or very often. As for your last sentence that was kind of my point. Everything was pretty much easy to do and easy to gear up quickly. No use in continuing to raid the same thing over and over and over because at some point its no longer fun.
  6. For the most part it was added hit points and damage. The same raid just had to have better gear to do it. Yes EC was the hardest of the bunch IMO. Probably caused more people to leave because they were use to easier raids and had no desire to get better as a team. Instead of getting better as a team some decided to quit because they dont like hard things I guess. Everyone is different.
  7. Well unfortunately there is not much BW can do with the skeleton crew they have. It takes them a month to create an hour worth of story and that usually is broken. Raids take a lot of time to develop and fine tune. The staff is so skeleton crew that they just can't do it all. Its like trying to build a house with two people as opposed to 20 people.
  8. As a last ditch effort of keeping people playing? They have a skeleton crew working on this game now. It's far far easier to rescale content then it is to make new content. Unfortunately it won't keep as many people playing.
  9. Again, its not my claim that everyone left because of just this one thing. It was just part of the problem.
  10. I dont take the stance that they lost a million players over just raids. There are a lot of reasons but that was one of them. NIM mode really wasnt any more difficult provided you had the gear from HMs. 4 raids is not a lot when they are as easy as they were. WoW was much harder back then and the raids were too. SWToR difficulty in comparison isn't even close. On top of that people were new to those mechanics back then. Mechanics don't change much between MMO's of this style and that makes it much easier for players to learn new raids because there are far more people now that know what they are doing compared to when WoW launched.
  11. EV and KP were easily done by pugs. EC was probably too hard for that for a long time though. TFB was mostly easily done by pugs. Maybe not nightmare mode of these raids but story modes and eventually hardmodes were. People dont want to do the effort anymore because that content is 3 years old. They have already done the effort 100's of times over.
  12. You fail to realize that people leveled to cap and completed raids inside the first month. In the 8 months before F2P they added two raids that were completed in the first week. People were all geared up inside a month and had the 4 raids on farm status with geared out alts and companions. There was no reason to keep doing the raids anymore and people left. This all happened before F2P.
  13. It was 8 months after release. The game had lost over a million subs by that point. The game launched with 2 raids. One of those raids had 1 boss in it. From that point they added 4 bosses to the existing raid and 2 more raids giving a total of 4 raids to do. They also added two extra flashpoints and one warzone. It seems like a lot of content but it really wasn't. The bigger problem was they made the raids fairly easy to do and it was very fast to gear up in them. EC was actually fairly difficult I thought though. In any case it was way too easy to not only get to end game but to gear up in end game. This had the effect of making content not last as long as it should have. Which again adds to my point that the game was too easy and devs couldnt keep up with the need for new content. IMO the game has gone further down hill since then. Devs keep changing the direction of the game, keep getting cutbacks in staff, providing less and less content over time and losing more and more players. Thats my whole point. If you can't keep players happy then more and more players leave. As more and more players leave even more leave because they have no one to play with. Also as more and more players leave, more and more staff get canned. As staff gets canned less and less content can be created. Which means more players leave as they get bored. It's a viscous cycle. If not for gambling boxes this game would probably already be canned because that is a huge source of income for them and probably the thing that is really keeping this game afloat.
  14. Yes PVP itself is not going to kill the game. Ops itself is not going to kill the game. Story itself is not going to kill the game. An MMO needs all things working together. Not making new Ops loses subs. Not making new PVP loses subs. Not making new story loses subs. All people enjoy different aspects of an MMO. Some enjoy multiple parts, some all parts, and some just one part. The more things there are the more people will play. I think Bioware has made many mistakes along the way. More and more people drop subs because their playstyle isnt getting attention. Thats how games go from 50 servers down to a few.
  15. I like both. I love the original story where every class had a unique one and it all tied together into one big story. I don't really care for the new direction of one story for all. It's too boring to bring alts through the same story over and over. I also like flashpoints and raids. The new direction of the game of doing just solo story and nothing else has caused me to end my sub again. An MMO needs all things IMO... story, flashpoints, operations, warzones, etc. Doing just one of those things is not enough and eventually the game will be a ghost town of just a bunch of die hard star wars players and solo players that don't mind. I am sure it will remain profitable due to all the people that toss tons at the stupid gambling packs though.
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